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Must Read...

Ok I was going to limit myself to one post a day but I've just found a few things which I had to blog about straight away...

On visiting the website to check I wasn't missing out on any little freebies for you guys I noticed the heading of an article on there '20 Little Victories that Always Make Your Day' and couldn't resist having a little read, even reading this made me smile so here is the link and you should all give it a little read, it may just bring that little bit of sunshine into your day 

Summer's on it's way

Today for the first time in ages the sun decided to make an appearance and I for one wasn't going to pass up the opportunity of seeing it!

After a 2 hour lecture at uni (YAWN) we were due to have a football match against a relatively easy team, however just as we were on our way to getting changed we received an email saying that they were cancelling the match. This resulted in a trip to the SU to spend the money that we would now be saving, a BBQ chicken wrap and chips later - possibly the best wrap I've had in a while! and a little bit of exam preparation we decided that we would venture out for an ice cream 

As the first time visiting here I was pleasantly surprised and this really was the best ice cream I've had, and two scoops in a chocolate waffle cone for just £2.40 was a massive bargain. Especially with those two scoops being any flavour you wanted, I went for apple crumble and strawberry and it really did taste like eating the real thing! Think a future visit will d…

Milly Johnson - An Autumn Crush

Ok so this took me a bit longer to get through than the previous book but this was due to the amount of time I've spent working and at Uni lately. 

After the first couple of chapters I wasn't feeling too positive about the book, it didn't have that 'must read' factor and didn't really draw me in, however I carried on and boy am I glad I did! Again this book didn't disappoint, it had me both laughing and crying and you really feel that you are going through the experiences with the characters.

This story has 5 main characters, Juliet having recently moved into her own flat following her divorce is looking for a new flat mate  with CoCo, her 'falls in love too quickly' gay best friend, but as yet has found absolutely no-one that meets her wants, that is until Floz walks in. Then there's her twin brother Guy, head chef at a failing restaurant with the want for a massive turn around, and his best mate Steve who unknowing to everyone has had the bigges…

All things nice and free!

If anyone tells you that they don't love getting free things they are lying!

As a student the number of emails I receive about free samples and offers I get is amazing, but recently instead of just deleting these emails I thought I'd click on one and see what I could get. To be honest I was amazed and now whenever I hear the ping of an email I have to check it and really do look forward to 'the weeks best deals' and thought I just had to share this with all you lovely people.

I will try to reasonably regularly update this post with new and improved deals that I find, those that work without having to fill in endless surveys and sign up for things (I'm not a believer in giving out all of my details to any old site regardless of what it's saying)

1. Twinnings Tea - Twinnings are allowing you to sample 2 of their tea bags with the amount of choice being really good, they do only allow you to order 2 tea bags at a time but as I can see there is no limit as to the numb…

Returning Home

For me 'returning home' is something I seem to do a lot, working 2 hours away from home often means an overnight stay at the parents and return trips in the mornings but alas this means I get to enjoy these pleasantries all the more often.

1. The best thing surely has to be turning the key in the lock and opening the door to a warm and cosy house (providing I've remembered to leave the heating on!) nothing better than leaving the Arctic conditions outside

2. Finding you have post in the door, yes this can happen every day but it's all the better when you've been away for a couple of days and come back to find a small pile sat waiting for you

3. Making a fresh cup of tea and sitting down to read the post that you have, this is made even better with the provision of a pack of biscuits and free samples having been delivered (see future blog)

4.   Sitting back and catching up on some television, now with today being a Sunday this means cookery shows (Jamie's 30 minute …

Milly Johnson - Whad'ya Think?

Ok so this is going to hopefully be the first of many blogs on the theme of 'book review.' In my spare time (though this is lacking) I really do enjoying reading a good book.

Saturday night I started reading 'Here Come The Girls' by Milly Johnson, a bargain I'd picked up for just £1 in town a few months ago. As I'm quite into the romantic fiction type books I thought this would suit me well and I wasn't disappointed, being such a sunny day yesterday I thought I would sit out in the garden (IN SHORTS) and have a good read and tanning session. One thing I didn't plan however was to finish the book within just a few hours, which if anything must be a positive sign!

So anyway on with the review....

This is the story of 4 school friends but 25 years on, they are all approaching the big 40 and stuck in life ruts, Olive is a full time cleaner both at home and work, Roz is pushing her husband away because of a philandering ex leaving her with no trust, and her and…

What have you done today to make you feel proud?

Ok, so on my walk into town this morning this song started playing in my head, I don't know why but hey sometimes these things just happen! 

Anybody that knows me will not that I am not the most effective when it comes to giving things up, meaning new years resolution and lent never normally last more than a few days, this year however has seen a change!

So new year, well that was an eventful time unfortunately not for the best reasons! But after finding out just how low my BMI was I decided that I would start making a food diary and try to make sure I eat properly and regularly, having tried and failed at this before I wasn't too hopeful. However, I have stuck to this and currently have a rapidly growing food diary and the back of my little notepad along with my weight every day, hence this becoming my new years resolution!

Lent however I thought I would give up chocolate... well this lasted about a day so I changed to coffee, yet by the time my shift at work started this had al…

The Want to Try Something New

Warning!  --- Very First Blog Ever!

I have been meaning to try out 'blogging' for quite a while now but have never actually got around to making one and I really don't know what kind of things I should be writing here so may have a tendency to 'waffle on' so I apologise in advance for this (: ... 
So here goes nothing as the saying says......
Where to start, I'm a 20 year old sport and education student at Bishop Grosseteste University in Lincoln, UK. Not the same one that was slated on the Inbetweeners though ;) Currently work at a Bingo club on the nearby coast so between the assignments and work shifts life can be rather busy, other times I have absolutely NOTHING to do!
I'm currently in the midst of searching for a 'serious' full time job, one that I can live off rather than just to gain an extra bit of cash as my spending habits are slightly sporadic at times! Currently though life is quite good for me and I really want to make 2013 the year for tr…