All things nice and free!

If anyone tells you that they don't love getting free things they are lying!

As a student the number of emails I receive about free samples and offers I get is amazing, but recently instead of just deleting these emails I thought I'd click on one and see what I could get. To be honest I was amazed and now whenever I hear the ping of an email I have to check it and really do look forward to 'the weeks best deals' and thought I just had to share this with all you lovely people.

I will try to reasonably regularly update this post with new and improved deals that I find, those that work without having to fill in endless surveys and sign up for things (I'm not a believer in giving out all of my details to any old site regardless of what it's saying)

1. Twinnings Tea - Twinnings are allowing you to sample 2 of their tea bags with the amount of choice being really good, they do only allow you to order 2 tea bags at a time but as I can see there is no limit as to the number of times that you can order these 2 bags. Allowing you to really experiment and try out some new flavours of tea.

2. Hugo Boss Orange (Men or Women) - Hugo Boss are offering a sample of either Hugo Boss Orange Male or Female, simply fill in your details and it'll arrive in a couple of short weeks!

3. Miracle Grow - As autumn or fall is often seen as the best season to start planting and growing your garden this is a must-have freebie for all budding gardeners!

4. Yates - Is there a Yates near you? Would you like a free cheeseburger and chips for just the cost of a drink? If you sign up to their newsletter they will send you a coupon giving you a free cheeseburger and chips with the purchase of a drink, surely this is a must have!

5. Felix - For a sample of Felix Sensation Sauce Surprise simply like their Facebook page, play the game (this doesn't even take a minute) and then click to 'collect your free sample'

6. Grasshopper Porridge - I have to say food are amongst the favourites of mine and I've just found this after a bit of browsing and it's fair to say I can't wait for it to arrive!

7. Elvive ExtraOrdinary Oil - I am currently sat next to this little sample, yes it is only a 3.5ml sample but it definitely does what it says on the tin, well worth the order especially considering it's free!

8. Plush Pet Toy - Play Street are offering either a free cat or dog toy when you sign up to their website, not much more to be said here but they do look rather cute!

9. Soft Cup - Boots are offering this 'period protection' method for a limited time, personally I'm not going to take them up on this offer but thought would still share it with you all as it may just be your cup of tea, said to be specially designed for athletes or simply busy women who don't want to worry.

10. Simple Face Wipes - Would you like a free pack of wipes? Simple are offering you a pack completely on them

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