Milly Johnson - An Autumn Crush

Ok so this took me a bit longer to get through than the previous book but this was due to the amount of time I've spent working and at Uni lately. 

After the first couple of chapters I wasn't feeling too positive about the book, it didn't have that 'must read' factor and didn't really draw me in, however I carried on and boy am I glad I did! Again this book didn't disappoint, it had me both laughing and crying and you really feel that you are going through the experiences with the characters.

This story has 5 main characters, Juliet having recently moved into her own flat following her divorce is looking for a new flat mate  with CoCo, her 'falls in love too quickly' gay best friend, but as yet has found absolutely no-one that meets her wants, that is until Floz walks in. Then there's her twin brother Guy, head chef at a failing restaurant with the want for a massive turn around, and his best mate Steve who unknowing to everyone has had the biggest crush on Juliet ever since he saw her in their school playing ground. 

Can these five individuals turn their lives around and their constant frowns into smiles? This story drags you through life's up and downs alongside them and as with Milly Johnson's other book this is another great read!

Rating = **** (4 Stars)

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