Milly Johnson - Whad'ya Think?

Ok so this is going to hopefully be the first of many blogs on the theme of 'book review.' In my spare time (though this is lacking) I really do enjoying reading a good book.

Saturday night I started reading 'Here Come The Girls' by Milly Johnson, a bargain I'd picked up for just £1 in town a few months ago. As I'm quite into the romantic fiction type books I thought this would suit me well and I wasn't disappointed, being such a sunny day yesterday I thought I would sit out in the garden (IN SHORTS) and have a good read and tanning session. One thing I didn't plan however was to finish the book within just a few hours, which if anything must be a positive sign!

So anyway on with the review....

This is the story of 4 school friends but 25 years on, they are all approaching the big 40 and stuck in life ruts, Olive is a full time cleaner both at home and work, Roz is pushing her husband away because of a philandering ex leaving her with no trust, and her and Frankie have fell out BIG time! Ven wants nothing more than to bring the foursome together and bring to life their dream of going on a cruise before they were 40. Time is running out but can 16 days of sun, sea and luxury really solve all of their problems? 

I say this is a definite must read book and really will leave you not wanting to put it down! Fully priced at £6.99 but as I say a bargain for just £1, really was a steal! I've enjoyed this book that much that I've been out a follow up book of hers 'An Autumn Crush' hopefully this will hold up to the high standards .... 

Shall be in touch to let you know shortly! ox

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