Returning Home

For me 'returning home' is something I seem to do a lot, working 2 hours away from home often means an overnight stay at the parents and return trips in the mornings but alas this means I get to enjoy these pleasantries all the more often.

1. The best thing surely has to be turning the key in the lock and opening the door to a warm and cosy house (providing I've remembered to leave the heating on!) nothing better than leaving the Arctic conditions outside

2. Finding you have post in the door, yes this can happen every day but it's all the better when you've been away for a couple of days and come back to find a small pile sat waiting for you

3. Making a fresh cup of tea and sitting down to read the post that you have, this is made even better with the provision of a pack of biscuits and free samples having been delivered (see future blog)

4.   Sitting back and catching up on some television, now with today being a Sunday this means cookery shows (Jamie's 30 minute meals currently) really allowing you to relax and chill

5. Now this has to be the best thing about being back in your own home.... that relaxing bubble bath followed by clean pyjamas and getting into fresh bedding for an early night! Nothing can top that surely? 

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