The Want to Try Something New

Warning!  --- Very First Blog Ever!

I have been meaning to try out 'blogging' for quite a while now but have never actually got around to making one and I really don't know what kind of things I should be writing here so may have a tendency to 'waffle on' so I apologise in advance for this (: ... 

So here goes nothing as the saying says......

Where to start, I'm a 20 year old sport and education student at Bishop Grosseteste University in Lincoln, UK. Not the same one that was slated on the Inbetweeners though ;) Currently work at a Bingo club on the nearby coast so between the assignments and work shifts life can be rather busy, other times I have absolutely NOTHING to do!

I'm currently in the midst of searching for a 'serious' full time job, one that I can live off rather than just to gain an extra bit of cash as my spending habits are slightly sporadic at times! Currently though life is quite good for me and I really want to make 2013 the year for trying new things and getting around to everything I have said I will for years, including driving, and blogging of course!

I often spend a fair bit of time on the Internet with the use of Pinterest being one of my 'boredom killers' so some of my posts will feature things from here whereas others will just happen with the times I guess, I am rather determined to post relatively regularly, even just as an outlet for myself :)

As said again, here's to the start of something new (8)

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