What have you done today to make you feel proud?

Ok, so on my walk into town this morning this song started playing in my head, I don't know why but hey sometimes these things just happen! 

Anybody that knows me will not that I am not the most effective when it comes to giving things up, meaning new years resolution and lent never normally last more than a few days, this year however has seen a change!

So new year, well that was an eventful time unfortunately not for the best reasons! But after finding out just how low my BMI was I decided that I would start making a food diary and try to make sure I eat properly and regularly, having tried and failed at this before I wasn't too hopeful. However, I have stuck to this and currently have a rapidly growing food diary and the back of my little notepad along with my weight every day, hence this becoming my new years resolution!

Lent however I thought I would give up chocolate... well this lasted about a day so I changed to coffee, yet by the time my shift at work started this had also been broken. Ah I know, I'll give up posting on Facebook, that should be all right as I rarely do that anyway, but again nope failed at that as well. So this morning I woke up thinking I would just forget lent and focus on everything else, yet when this song popped into my head it gave me an idea... instead of giving up something why not do something... so far RESULT

So for lent I am trying to do one thing (or more) every day that makes me feel proud about myself and puts a smile on my face, no more sitting watching TV all day for me, 40 days to go, starting from this morning, here's to the future!

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