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New Blog Design and Layout

I am quite possibly one of the most indecisive people when it comes to the design of my blog (maybe not quite...) so much so that I have changed the background and/or layout of my blog at least twice a week since I started this. Tonight however I am going to put an end to this... after spending hours (literally) spent trawling google and fellow bloggers I think I have finally settled with a design that I am happy with... for now anyway... and am going to make a promise to myself that, yes, I can add to it, but no, I cannot change anything existing about it.

Let's see if I can keep to this promise at least until the end of April *crosses fingers* and for all you guys out there looking for a new, interesting way to spruce up your blog I have found these to be absolutely amazing and resulting in me being spoilt for choice (hence the regular changes!) so really would recommend you all taking a little peek:

1. Blogaholic Designs

2. The Cutest Blog on the Block

3. Shabby Blogs

4. Carrie…

Loreal Paris Nude Magique Free Sample

I've recently bought into the BB cream faze, starting with a few of the cheaper brands, Pure's BB Cream which I found for just £1.99 can you believe it and lately have been seeing quite a few posts about CC cream but as of yet have not bought any of these products, mind you I've not really been looking for any recently.

Anyway enough with the ramble, I woke up this morning to an email from Sophie at FreeStuffWorld and their featured freebie was Loreal's new CC cream, alas all things must happen for a reason! Of course I have put myself a little order in, I get to see what the product is like without having to spend loads of money, on the page you can select between either anti-redness, anti-fatigue or anti-dullness creams, personally I chose the anti-redness as this is a much more recurrent problem than the other two.

You can grab your own sample by following the link here.  Enjoy xox

Relaxation and Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning... Optimistic to say the least with the recent weather! But due to having the morning off for work instead of having a lay in my body decided to wake me up at half past 8, typical!

I decided though to make the best of this so made myself some breakfast (I never have a proper breakfast, toast is the most) and a cup of Storm's Breakfast Tea - Love this! - and watched an hour of morning tv. I then put the washing in and decided to resort, rearrange and tidy up the bedroom.

I have been meaning to do this for ages after constantly whacking my leg on a side unit in the corner of my room. On doing this however it was amazing the number of things I found that I'd forgotten I'd got, books which I thought I'd read to realise that I haven't. Cue lots of reading to look forward to! Overall I am happy with the look of things and I have seemed to create so much more space in the room, the rest of the house will hopefully have similar rearrangements in future days…


A lot of love for this :) xox

Minute Mug Brownie

This has to be the simplest and quickest recipe ever! A chocolate brownie, in a mug, in under 5 minutes, and all you need is;

4 tablespoon flour
4 tablespoon sugar
2 tablespoon chocolate powder (I use options Belgian Chocolate hot chocolate powder)

1 tablespoon oil (vegetable not olive)
3 tablespoon water
Pinch salt

To make this amazing desert simply put the dry ingredients (flour, sugar, chocolate powder, salt) into a mug and mix them all up.

Add in the wet ingredients and stir these together again (make sure you get it all mixed properly!) this may not look like the most pleasant at this stage but don't give up on it, that's how it's meant to look!

Put the mug into the microwave for 90 seconds (mines a 750w) and check the brownie, I will sometimes put it back in for an extra 30 seconds or so until the brownie looks cooked (obviously every microwave will be different)

The photos here do not do the brownie as much justice and credit that it deserves, it really does taste …

Montagne Juenesse Blemish Mud Face Pack Review

Hey again its'a me...

Soo after trying my first ever face mask the other day (as reviewed here) I had been taken in by the lovely smelling, fresh fresher face feeling that was delivered in this little packet and after reading a fair few posts decided I would try the blemish mud pack as it was said to do a really good job.

However I wasn't quite so amazed with the results as before, first off on getting the mask out of the packet it felt like half the packet was empty, strange huh.

Next on applying the cream to my face the smell that wafted off, instead of being a nice fruity smell was, well I don't really know how to describe it, but it certainly wasn't my favourite smell and I did contemplate taking it straight off.

I pursued though and one thing I really noticed this time was the tightening sensation, and boy could you feel it, on looking in the mirror the cream had dried out in most places after the 15minutes and had actually started cracking in a few, hence my decisi…

Free Loreal Elvive Extra Ordinary Hair Oil

Hello there lovelies, I am here bringing you another free sample that I have just discovered and this time it is Loreal's new hair oil, designed to protect and really look after your hair. It can be used to improve shine, for a conditioning treatment, as a styling product and as an instant pick me up for your hair.

I won't hang around and write loads because though I have this currently sat on my dressing table waiting to be used (it only took a matter of days to arrive) so really don't have anything more to say as of yet, hopefully I will be able to post a review pretty shortly! Get yours now here
Enjoy xox

Motivation! Never Give Up MOTD

I found this quote the other day and it was one of those that really hits home, I try to never give us (as does everyone) but it doesn't always happen quite so successfully.
Now yesterday was a prime example of this, after meaning to be at uni by 10 o'clock I didn't wake up until 9:15, still needing a shower and all the necessities, eventually rocking up at about half past 10. After getting a bit of work done we left for Worcester for a football match (agreed time - 2pm, actual time - 2:30pm) and revelled in the 2 and a half hour journey along the motorway, usual high spirits and the team quiz happened as usual.
So onto the match, when we arrived on the pitch we thought the team suspiciously looked like their first team when we were supposed to be playing the seconds so brought this up with their coach/manager who did indeed confirm our suspicions. Immediately the team spirit dilapidated slightly but hey ho nothing we could do now and on with the match. 3.0 down after  th…

Hockey #3

If I thought the weather last week was bad I was in for a treat this week; gailforce winds, absolutely chucking it down and arctic temperatures were experienced today. To top it all of we didn't even win this week, my aim of three games, three wins not completed :( but hey ho life goes on. A plus though for the match was that I didn't get quite so injured, only a ball to the knee, a stick whacked across my wrist and almost being hit in the face was what I had to deal with today. Nevertheless a trip into town for some retail therapy is still calling for me in the morning.

On the look out for some new trainers for a football match on Monday (I'm going to ache!) n a few little bits n bobs of makeup is the list so far, hopefully ill find some good bargains! (YN)

Montagne Jeunesse Strawberry Souffle Mask

I am 20 and have never used a face mask before! Ok confession over and the other night I decided it was finally time to explore what it felt like to have a face mask so raided my little storage cupboard. Here I found 4 Montagne Jeunesse face masks waiting to be used, and settled upon the Strawberry Souffle one to start.

The first thing I noticed on applying the mask was the smell 'strawberry and whipped cream' it really did smell lovely and like actual fresh strawberries. So after applying, I found there was a lot of the cream for my face, not sure whether I was applying it to thinly or if this is just how the mask is... but alas sat and waited for 15 minutes before washing it off.

During this time I felt the mask tighten and have to say it wasn't what I expected to feel but it wasn't an uncomfortable experience by any means. In this time I simply sat back, watching TV and nothing else (not even looking at my phone!).

On reading some reviews people occasionally find th…

Advice Needed.... Lip Plumper, Lip Stick or Lip Gloss? Best Ones

Hi guys this post is really just a question for you all and I would love to hear your opinions on the subject...

Quite simply, I have very small lips and would like to be able to create the illusion that they are more 'pout-worthy' so was thinking about trying out some lip plumper make-up. However I have absolutely no idea what to try and what actually works.

I am a student so don't have a massive budget and the cheaper but still good the better, please post your comments if you have any suggestions for me!

Weekly Shopping Haul

From spending a lot of my spare time (not a lot) reading through various different blogs on HelloCotton, BlogLovin and SheSaidBeauty I have noticed the amount of 'favourites' and 'oh my haul'  posts so thought I might do one myself.

This week seems to have been a 'shop friendly' week for me and I have managed to buy a fair few things, especially more than I normally would so thought today, on my one free day, I would start my own weekly shopping list as such.

I've been looking for a new bag for about a month now but hadn't found anything that had caught my eye, that was until I saw an elderly gentleman in NewLook looking at this very same bag and thought oooh, shall take a look at that and instantly loved it. This purchase was from NewLook and can be bought here for £24.99, or if you're a lucky student as I am you can show your student card and instead get it for £22.49 BARGAIN!

After seeing this in quite a few blog posts I thought I would give this…

Hockey Comeback #2

I don't think today's match could have been more of an opposite to last weeks, it was absolutely chucking it down as a pose to boiling hot for a start!

Again the team are a lot higher in the league than us so it's fair to say hopes weren't that high yet we were still on an up from the result last week and so went out, although soaking yet, full of energy somehow!

At the me of the first half we were 2.0 up, great lets just keep hold of that score said our captain, but did we do that.... Nah course we didn't ;)

As soon as the whistle blew the opposition were on us like race horses, in that I mean within minutes they'd had quite a few threatening looking attacks. This lasted for about 15minutes and then they tired out (before us and we're what's seen as 'an old team') giving us the chance to pounce. This we did eventually ending the game with a massive 5.0 win!!

The game didn't go perfectly tho and in one tackle (yes just the one) I managed …

Garnier 24hr Moisture Match Free Sample

On browsing HelloCotton an advert for Garnier free samples popped up on my sidebar so I thought I would take a look, recently I have been looking for a new moisturiser but didn't quite know which one to go for, not wanting to spend a fortune for something that didn't turn out that effective.
Once clicked the link I was therefore delighted to see that it was the 24hr Moisture Match that was on offer and therefore couldn't resist sending of for a sample, hopefully it will be delivered soon and I can give you all a brief review on it :) 


Wednesdays Free Stuff

More of the same here guys :)

1. Colgate Toothpaste - Great for packing in a weekend or holiday bag, travel size tube -

2. QV - this is great for any with itchy skin and is said to help overcome the itch that is a result of eczema -

3. Percy and Reed hair products - Pick up Glamour for just £2 and this month you'll get a choice of 4 different Percy and Reed hair products to choose from

4. Eyeliner - The Rosemary Conley Diet and Fitness magazine this month comes free with an eyeliner pencil

5. Neal's Yards 'Bee Lovely' Hand Cream - Grab yourself a copy of Marie Claire and with it a free Neal's Yard Hand Cream

6. Cafe Direct Tea - this is a Facebook competition to win bigger prizes but the first 7000 entries will receive free samples so get entering quick to get the sample :) -

7. Heel Balm - Flexibol heel gel, d…

Succumbed to Boots and Soap & Glory

For ages now, and I mean ages I have been wanting to try some Soap & Glory products due to the sheer amount of good stuff I hear about the brand yet keep putting myself off because of the cost of their items.

However, yesterday I was feeling the desire to splurge and treat myself for once. All of my money being spent on travel and food does not leave me with a smile on my face! So after a new bag from NewLook, some new work trousers (YAWN) a fair few new nail varnishes I decided that boots was my next step and here I gave in to my temptations.

Ok so I was helped by Boots' 3 for 2 offer but this little bundle came to just £25 which personally I didn't feel was too bad and I really can't wait to try all of them and let you know what I think, I'm sure I will be happily satisfied.

Hockey Comeback

Ok so as a sports student my life severally lacks actual sport, occasionally playing football matches for my university team an that is about it.

So after talking to an old hockey teammate I decided (at half 10 last night) that I would make a reappearance and play for a one off match. Previously I played in goal, to national standard, but today decided to play on the pitch, I wasn't however expecting to be put in Center midfield! I was not cut out for this amount of running surely....

However, I soon got back into to swing of things, which, after not picking up a hockey stick in about 2 years I was rather pleased. Being given player of the match at refreshments later has really made me think about making more of these 'one-offs.'

In the end my team (3rd from the bottom in the league) won 2-0 against the team 2nd in the league :o Even that says WOW! And I really did enjoy my time back on the pitch and think this may have to repeated soon (I shall let you know how this goe…

Freebies Galore #2

Ok so here's my next instalment of freebies for all you lovely people :)

1. Cussons Mum & Me Bath Wash - Sensitive skin can be a sensitive matter. But you're not alone; 1 in 3 babies experience some skin sensitivity before they are 3 years old. Mum & Me Emollient Bath Wash is fragrance fee and contains gentle  emollients and Almond Oil to help cleanse and care for sensitive skin that can be prone to eczema -
2. Redbush Tea - 'We would like you to try a cup of Redbush Tea on us. We will send you three tea bags, one each of our Original Redbush, Chai and Redbush Citrus for you to enjoy -

3. Pukka Tea - From the spring of Morning Time to the calm of Night Time, we've created delicious organic herbal teas to match your every mood. Specially blended by our herbalist Sebastian Pole, each blend is full of natural flavour and rich in the incre…