Freebies Galore #2

Ok so here's my next instalment of freebies for all you lovely people :)

1. Cussons Mum & Me Bath Wash - Sensitive skin can be a sensitive matter. But you're not alone; 1 in 3 babies experience some skin sensitivity before they are 3 years old. Mum & Me Emollient Bath Wash is fragrance fee and contains gentle  emollients and Almond Oil to help cleanse and care for sensitive skin that can be prone to eczema -

2. Redbush Tea - 'We would like you to try a cup of Redbush Tea on us. We will send you three tea bags, one each of our Original Redbush, Chai and Redbush Citrus for you to enjoy -

3. Pukka Tea - From the spring of Morning Time to the calm of Night Time, we've created delicious organic herbal teas to match your every mood. Specially blended by our herbalist Sebastian Pole, each blend is full of natural flavour and rich in the incredible benefits of organic herbs. Whether you need to rev up, wind down or simply indulge, with every tea we blend, our intention is to create the perfect Pukka Cuppa. -

4. Garnier Bronzer -

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