Hockey Comeback #2

I don't think today's match could have been more of an opposite to last weeks, it was absolutely chucking it down as a pose to boiling hot for a start!

Again the team are a lot higher in the league than us so it's fair to say hopes weren't that high yet we were still on an up from the result last week and so went out, although soaking yet, full of energy somehow!

At the me of the first half we were 2.0 up, great lets just keep hold of that score said our captain, but did we do that.... Nah course we didn't ;)

As soon as the whistle blew the opposition were on us like race horses, in that I mean within minutes they'd had quite a few threatening looking attacks. This lasted for about 15minutes and then they tired out (before us and we're what's seen as 'an old team') giving us the chance to pounce. This we did eventually ending the game with a massive 5.0 win!!

The game didn't go perfectly tho and in one tackle (yes just the one) I managed to cut myself in 4 different places, my knee (pictured after being washed [ouch] and looking a lot cleaner), hip and both elbows, now even for me this was quite impressive. I have concluded though that the pain is worthwhile after bring awarded player of the match again and of course the massive win.

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