Hockey Comeback

Ok so as a sports student my life severally lacks actual sport, occasionally playing football matches for my university team an that is about it.

So after talking to an old hockey teammate I decided (at half 10 last night) that I would make a reappearance and play for a one off match. Previously I played in goal, to national standard, but today decided to play on the pitch, I wasn't however expecting to be put in Center midfield! I was not cut out for this amount of running surely....

However, I soon got back into to swing of things, which, after not picking up a hockey stick in about 2 years I was rather pleased. Being given player of the match at refreshments later has really made me think about making more of these 'one-offs.'

In the end my team (3rd from the bottom in the league) won 2-0 against the team 2nd in the league :o Even that says WOW! And I really did enjoy my time back on the pitch and think this may have to repeated soon (I shall let you know how this goes)

The only downfall of the day has been that once I got home I realised that from having a stick (yes that's right, a stick) thrown at my bum whilst making a tackle, I already have a nice red bruise and a slight lump right under my hip bone but hey ho I guess that's sport for you!

Everyone out there wanting to get back into a sport...... DO IT!!!!

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