Loreal Paris Nude Magique Free Sample

I've recently bought into the BB cream faze, starting with a few of the cheaper brands, Pure's BB Cream which I found for just £1.99 can you believe it and lately have been seeing quite a few posts about CC cream but as of yet have not bought any of these products, mind you I've not really been looking for any recently.

Anyway enough with the ramble, I woke up this morning to an email from Sophie at FreeStuffWorld and their featured freebie was Loreal's new CC cream, alas all things must happen for a reason! Of course I have put myself a little order in, I get to see what the product is like without having to spend loads of money, on the page you can select between either anti-redness, anti-fatigue or anti-dullness creams, personally I chose the anti-redness as this is a much more recurrent problem than the other two.

You can grab your own sample by following the link here.
 Enjoy xox

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