Montagne Juenesse Blemish Mud Face Pack Review

Hey again its'a me...

Soo after trying my first ever face mask the other day (as reviewed here) I had been taken in by the lovely smelling, fresh fresher face feeling that was delivered in this little packet and after reading a fair few posts decided I would try the blemish mud pack as it was said to do a really good job.

However I wasn't quite so amazed with the results as before, first off on getting the mask out of the packet it felt like half the packet was empty, strange huh.

Next on applying the cream to my face the smell that wafted off, instead of being a nice fruity smell was, well I don't really know how to describe it, but it certainly wasn't my favourite smell and I did contemplate taking it straight off.

I pursued though and one thing I really noticed this time was the tightening sensation, and boy could you feel it, on looking in the mirror the cream had dried out in most places after the 15minutes and had actually started cracking in a few, hence my decision to remove it there and then (there was a slight itchy feeling around my hair line n around my eyes)

Again the product came off really easily with a flannel and warm water and I have to say it did leave my skin feeling smoother. Also on waking up this morning the spots I had have started to decrease so by no means can I argue the claims that the packet makes.

Overall I won't be rushing to try this particular face pack again but I haven't been put off and will be trying a few more to try and find out my favourite, and for just 90p at Primark you can't turn down the opportunity to try this brand out.

Ta ta for now xox

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