Motivation! Never Give Up MOTD

I found this quote the other day and it was one of those that really hits home, I try to never give us (as does everyone) but it doesn't always happen quite so successfully.

Now yesterday was a prime example of this, after meaning to be at uni by 10 o'clock I didn't wake up until 9:15, still needing a shower and all the necessities, eventually rocking up at about half past 10. After getting a bit of work done we left for Worcester for a football match (agreed time - 2pm, actual time - 2:30pm) and revelled in the 2 and a half hour journey along the motorway, usual high spirits and the team quiz happened as usual.

So onto the match, when we arrived on the pitch we thought the team suspiciously looked like their first team when we were supposed to be playing the seconds so brought this up with their coach/manager who did indeed confirm our suspicions. Immediately the team spirit dilapidated slightly but hey ho nothing we could do now and on with the match. 3.0 down after  the first 20 minutes was not a good start but we then got a break, the ball happened to fall to me at the edge of the 6 yard box and I took a shot, somehow this went in and at the top right corner at that (I scored and it was a screamer!!), now I never score so for this to have happened I was quite amazed at myself but unfortunately this did not change the match dramatics and we walked off the pitch at half time 5.2 down. Second half we walked back on with high spirits and the desire to make the match ours, unfortunately this didn't quite happen and quite frankly we got steam-rolled. 17.2 was the score in the end and none of us really stayed with this promise to 'never give up' we ended up treating the match more as a friendly, still trying to a certain extent (I mean we didn't start sitting down on the floor) putting in tackles and even having a few more really close shots but the match wasn't to be ours this week. 

Do I add that we didn't return home until gone 11 o'clock?? Talk about a long day hey :) But today again I am up for the early start and a full day at uni, half 9 till 4 just to do extra work and exam practise (what happened to us all being students huh) 

My message for the day quite simply is 'NEVER GIVE UP' though the result may not go your way, you can still have fun in the process and also get another try to get your own back (we're playing Worcester 2nds at home on Wednesday and intend to properly beat them)

Adios xox

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