Relaxation and Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning... Optimistic to say the least with the recent weather! But due to having the morning off for work instead of having a lay in my body decided to wake me up at half past 8, typical!

I decided though to make the best of this so made myself some breakfast (I never have a proper breakfast, toast is the most) and a cup of Storm's Breakfast Tea - Love this! - and watched an hour of morning tv. I then put the washing in and decided to resort, rearrange and tidy up the bedroom.

I have been meaning to do this for ages after constantly whacking my leg on a side unit in the corner of my room. On doing this however it was amazing the number of things I found that I'd forgotten I'd got, books which I thought I'd read to realise that I haven't. Cue lots of reading to look forward to! Overall I am happy with the look of things and I have seemed to create so much more space in the room, the rest of the house will hopefully have similar rearrangements in future days off.

The makeshift bookshelf on the windowsill was a shoe box I got from Dorothy Perkins which had a pair of boots in (I don't like to throw things away that 'might be useful at some point soon) so essentially extra storage but at no expense!

If anyone knows of anywhere that sells little qwerky storage items or home decor for cheap prices I would love to here of your recommendations!


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