Weekly Shopping Haul

From spending a lot of my spare time (not a lot) reading through various different blogs on HelloCotton, BlogLovin and SheSaidBeauty I have noticed the amount of 'favourites' and 'oh my haul'  posts so thought I might do one myself.

This week seems to have been a 'shop friendly' week for me and I have managed to buy a fair few things, especially more than I normally would so thought today, on my one free day, I would start my own weekly shopping list as such.

I've been looking for a new bag for about a month now but hadn't found anything that had caught my eye, that was until I saw an elderly gentleman in NewLook looking at this very same bag and thought oooh, shall take a look at that and instantly loved it. This purchase was from NewLook and can be bought here for £24.99, or if you're a lucky student as I am you can show your student card and instead get it for £22.49 BARGAIN!

After seeing this in quite a few blog posts I thought I would give this a try, it's the Percy & Reed Hair Oil and was a free gift with this months Glamour so only cost me £2 which really is a bit of a steal. I'm yet to try this myself but after the rave reviews it's been getting I can't wait to try it for myself.

These two really were my bargains for the week, both were bought of eBay (I have spent way too much time on here lately!) for £3.49, all brand new products. You really can't beat that surely?? Now yes I do already have a tub of the Soap & Glory Righteous Butter and Clean on Me but I just couldn't pass up the opportunity for these. Righteous Butter currently sat on my bedside table meaning I can reach over and use it whenever I feel the urge and the other two now being compulsory objects in my 'going away' bag due to the perfect travel size of them.

For ages now, and I mean AGES I have been looking for a pair of tan high tops (yes I know that these clearly aren't tan) but after seeing the perfect pair on Republic and not being able to purchase due to administration and no shop nearby I was left walking round every shop looking for a similar pair. I finally found a pair in Dorothy Perkins for £29.99 however they did not have them in my size (I went in about 4 different DPs trying to find them!) so was pretty much giving up. 

However on my work break on Thursday I decided I would try and find a mother's day present and just happened to wander into DP again, although they didn't have my size in the tan high tops (in fact they didn't have any of them) they did have this pair in navy blue, and in my size and now I think I prefer these to the tan ones before. Blue seems to be my most purchased colour lately..... Taking these to the checkout, with a 'now only £20' tag wrapped around them I was even happier for the woman serving me turning around and saying that they were in fact just £15! I loved this and on wearing them the next day I was amazed at how comfy they are, it really does feel like you've just slipped on a pair of slippers. I have tried to find these online  but alas I cannot and if you yourself would like a pair of these (also in black or tan) then I would simply say get to your nearest Dorothy Perkins and quickly.

That's about it for this week and hopefully I'll have a few more nice things in my possession this time next week, there are just a few things on my eBay watch list.... But for now 

Toodle Pip xox

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