Argh Work Stresses!

I woke up this morning at 7:49 with a text telling me not to bother going into work this morning as the bosses were complaining about money and the fact that they couldn't afford to pay me to work. I am due to start at 11 so fair enough that gave me 3 and a bit hours notice. The annoying thing about this however was that my boss hasn't even let me know but instead text a friend asking her to let me know! Right rant over....

This picture made me smile so I just had to put it in! Instead of mellowing on this I am going to make the use of what promises to be a nice sunny day, I mean I may even venture down to the beach for a while if the desire hits me.

But for now the plan is to have a lazy morning until the shops open, get dressed in my new Miss Selfridge jeans (the comfiest things EVER) and take a stroll down town, I may even go and buy myself a cooked breakfast! The best way to spend an impromptu day off is to go out and spend the money I would have been earning surely??

Have any of you had any impromptu days off lately? xox

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