Birthday Time

Ok so this post is a few days late what with it being my birthday last Friday... But it has been a very busy weekend, mostly because of work unfortunately!

So this little lot might not look like much for a 21st set but tbh that doesn't matter to me and I love every single item from every person that gave me then. Plus there are a few little gems in there such as the Soap and Glory and Ted Baker sets :) I also got a few little needle felting bits from the parentos after seeing this craft around Christmas and mentioning to them how it looked rather interesting. You never know there may be some little crafty posts coming up soon provided I have the time to sit down and 'chill' maybe featuring these two little cuties!

As they say its the little things that count though and it has to be said I absolutely love these socks from my brother - how cute!

With some of my pennies I am hoping to make a little MUA shopping trip what with their 50% off deals so keep looking out for that soon appearing

I hope you all had a great Easter weekend and got lots of eggs - I myself had just 1 :'( but these little fellas I'm leaving you with did make up for it !!! And happy birthday to enjoy fellow bloggers recently turning that whole year older xox

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