Collective Haul; Poundland, MUA, Home Bargains and Others

Over the past couple of days I've had a few impromptu and unexpected days off which I have, as any normal person would - I'm saying - spent doing a fair bit of shopping. Now the other day I was in the sunny - ish - seaside town of Skegness for work so went round Home Bargains and Poundland to try and pick up a few little bargains.

The first things I looked at when I got into Poundland was their nail varnishes, managing to pick up 2 Sally Hanson varnishes, an orange shade from the 'Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear' range and then a rather hot pink from the 'Diamond Strength' range. I am yet to try these as of yet but have seen plenty of rave reviews so couldn't resist picking them up for £1 each!

I then had to get another couple of shades from the Collection 2000 Hot Looks range - currently these are on sale in packs of three for £1. I picked up the very green 'Ninja' and a glittery black shade called 'All That Jazz' - I do love the names that the shades in this collection are given :) Now I have tried these and when it says 'fast dry' it means this literally, it dries in less than 2 minutes and you can get a really good coverage with just 1 coat! 3 pots for £1 is just amazing value.

The last polishes I picked up were these 'Flawless Caviar' bottles, a two pack for £1. One pot contains purple and blue coloured beads and the other a creamy white undercoat colour, which to be fair isn't that impressive on it's own but does just fine underneath the beads. Definitely can't complain for this low price though!

I also picked up this little tub of instant nail varnish remover as it makes cleaning your nails so much easier, does smell very chemically though so I wouldn't recommend putting your face too close to the pot! Again just £1.

Today I was back in Lincoln for a university lecture so spent my morning in town - I had a parcel to collect from MUA!!!! Check out my little (maybe not quite so) haul down here below :')

In amongst this pile are; 
4 of the new style nail varnishes in clear, mud pie, pistachio ice cream, bright coral and bold blue (£1 each) - I have yet to use these but love the Essie style packaging that MUA have developed.

3 of their face brushes; F1 - foundation brush, F6 - blusher and contouring brush, F2 - stippling brush (£3 each) - So far I have just used the F6 brush but they all feel extremely soft and this brush in particular gives a really even covering across your face.

3 Out There Pumping Lip glosses in nude, candy pink, and shocking pink (£2 each - I got them on sale for £1 each) - On using the candy pink shade earlier they are really pigmented and give great colour distribution, I was actually really surprised at the amount of colour that was applied from being used to very clear glosses normally. Wasn't able to notice the tingling feeling as some people suggest but my lips did stand out more if that counts?

The powder blush in shade 1 (£1) - yet to use

Primer (£3) - yet to use

Matte foundation in shade 1 - soft sand (£2) - yet to use

Gel eye-liner in underground (£3 - offer for £2) - yet to use

Waterproof eye-liner (£1) - yet to use

Eyebrow pencil in brunette (£1) - yet to use

Glitter eye-liner in shade 10 - night sky (£1) - yet to use

Lip Boom in cheeky (£3 - offer for £1.50) - yet to use

Brush on concealer pen in radiance (£1) - yet to use

Hopefully I will be working my way through these and a more in depth review can be given soon!

On the way back to town I had to pop back into Poundland again, picking up another 3 Collection nail varnishes in BMX Bandit, Jitterbug and Parma Violets - just couldn't resist the name of this one! I also managed to find another Sally Hanson Hard as Nails shade in white. As well as these I spotted this selection of different coloured nail beads for £1 so had to put these in my basket. The final purchase from Poundland today was this Mellor & Russell Hair Repair Mask, hopefully this will work for me as I have mega split ends currently :(

After this I popped into Wilkinsons to get a few household bits for my sister seen as she has just moved into her first home and spotted the Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation for just £4.98!! What a steal hey, having read no end of great reviews I had to give this a try and picked it up in the lightest shade; ivory. It feels extremely light on your skin almost so that you don't feel like you're wearing foundation at all, it does however give you a slightly sparkly/dewey look so if you prefer a more matte finish then this probably isn't the foundation for you...

These are a couple of cute little picture frames that I picked up for my sister, the top one costing £3 and the bottom £4 from Store Twenty One - bargains in my own personal opinion!

I really do need to stop spending money but always seem unable to resist the bargains that I keep happening on! Maybe a spending ban would be a suitable choice for me?? xox

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