Fruit Loops & Koppaberg & Sun While You're Working

This title here basically sums up my day (and a bit of last night) so far!

Now yes technically the Koppaberg was last night buuut I now have a new favourite flavour! Originally I was a Mixed Fruit fan but when in Weatherspoons I always get the Summer Fruits as this is just lush and the only place you can buy it ;( However after work last night we decided to go for a quick drink and I ordered the Summer Fruits Koppaberg but when given to me it was the Strawberry & Lime version. Normally I would have said something but on this occasion thought 'meh' I'll give it a try. Safe to say I have a new favourite flavour! It really was just so refreshing and fruity and just yum!

Anyway this morning I woke up, went downstairs and looked in the cupboard to find nothing other than Fruit Loops :D ah the day was off to a good start, I mean who doesn't like fruit loops, and who cares that I'm 21 ;)

My last point - I've noticed this is a bit of a rambling post - is a simple question... Why is it always sunny when you're at work?!?! I swear this always happens to me and is never as warm on my days off as it is when I'm working :(

Toodelpip! xox

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