Have I ever mentioned....

1. Have I ever mentioned that sometimes I absolutely LOVE my job? - as you may or may not know I work in a bingo hall, now this week yes the hours have been loooong (every single shift practically!) but there are some moments which just really make you sit back and think 'this job is great.' I realised this last night when I was serving behind the bar and a couple of elder gentlemen came up for drinks, regulars from last year but it's the first week they've been back down this year. Now they both remembered me and started chatting as if they'd never gone, one of then stayed around for a couple more minutes chatting about politics and Ukip and how he thinks the younger generations should be getting given more jobs rather than others. He then also told me it as his advice to 'bugger off' to New Zealand as that's where all the jobs are at the minute. It's little things that may not seem relevant or significant to others but that really ring a bell with you isn't it.

2. Have I mentioned that fish and chips is like the best meal ever! I had this for my dinner yesterday and there really is nothing better than a chip shops battered cod and chips... Yum!

3. Have I mentioned that its always warmer on the days where you at work? I think I did this the other day but it's happened again! I'm sat here on my afternoon off with it looking rather plain and boring outside where compared to yesterday it was boiling! I ask you, how is this fair? I have zero opportunity for a tan this way haha!

4. Have I ever mentioned that I buy way too many nail varnishes lately... Yes that's right I've brought more AGAIN! I just can't seem to resist the pretty spring pastel colours (plus it means another haul post for you guys)

5. Have I ever mentioned how good it is to have a bowl of cereal in the morning? I never normally have breakfast but this week with being closer to work and not having to undergo a 2 hour bus trip in every day I have been taking to sitting down in the morning with a bowl of cereal. It really does set you up for the day doesn't it!?

I'm now going to get myself up, fed and into town for a bit of retail therapy (we shall hide the bank balance!) and see if there are any bargains to be had today. Who knows I may even get my hair cut if the urge takes me...

Toodlepip! Xox

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