It's been a very busy week, the highs and the lows!

Hello again guys, I apologise now for the lack of posts lately but alas it has been an extremely busy few days...

Every day since Wednesday until yesterday I have been awake and leaving the house before 6:30 am. AM! And not returning till gone half 11, you can imagine the tiredness...

The reasons behind this are not just work, although yes I was working every day mentioned. However I was also at a Christian festival called Spring Harvest, which was actually a lot of fun and taught me a few things. The plus side of this however was that I got to eat a massive continental breakfast everyday just like the one below ;) and for free... Yummy!! As well as finding this little 'Giant's Beach' with massive replicas of beach items (I do love Butlins in the sun)

After all of this I needed a day of recovery so yesterday I had a lay in! Mind you I did wake up at 7 o'clock before falling back to sleep for a couple of hours. I then took a few hours to shower and generally wake myself up, before meeting my friend in town for coffee and shopping (yippee!)

I ended up spending quite a bit and collectively brought all of this...

There are a few little gems in there including this necklace which on the label was a steal for £1.50 yet at the till was just actually just 50p!!!

I also found these four bracelets in the kids section for just £1.50

Onto a more clothing note I managed to pick up these 2 tops, both £3 each. I especially love the Elmo one and who cares that it's no longer Christmas hey ;)

This bedding set marked down to just £8 from £16 perfect for my new room at the sister house (still can't believe she's grown up so much!)

And to go with it this really cute canvas which again an absolute steal at just £1 yep 1 measly pound :D

I did also get a few novelty items such as the amazing ice cream scoop, again for he total sum of £1

And this Double Dip lip balm for the same price, I am yet to try this out but seriously cannot wait! You have to love retro sweets :D

These 4 nail varnishes were in a little pack for £2 and although they are quite small sizes they are perfect for the spring/summer period and I will be trying them all out shortly so keep watching for those ;)

I have been looking at trying out some proper make-up brushes since coming onto the blogging scene and when I saw these little Minnie Mouse brushes sat on the shelf I had to give them a try, now I know they probably won't be the best brushes but they were only £3 and are rather cute don't you think? And they also look adorable in this 'make-shift' brush tub I picked up from Tesco the other week on sale for £1 (it is actually a toothbrush holder would you believe!?!)

All of these were Primark purchases would you believe, it has actually been ages since I've found anything I liked in one of their stores so this little haul was a great pleasure to me, after all who doesn't love bargains...

After this we decided to go the BHS for a coffee and cake (this soon turned into an amazing tuna melt panini) as this is out usual mate date destination regardless of the fact that we are 21!!! And apart from the chips (which had that reheated taste - urgh) it was rather well consumed.

Then treks round more shops and finding nothing it wasn't until we were on the way home up steep hill - anyone who knows Lincoln will know that it stands up to its name! And for a quick break I suggested going into this lovely looking boutique and man it was worth the stop, I could have spent an absolute fortune in there but instead settled with this home-made bath bomb which I will be using extremely soon, I can't wait!

Literally 5 minutes later we stumbled across a home made fudge shop and on walking through the door I instantly wanted to try it all but due to spending way to much lately I settled on this bag of Cherry Bakewell flavoured fudge and it really is the best fudge I have EVER tasted. I recommend you all to seek out your nearest Rolys Fudge Pantry.

I later went to poundstretcher were I managed to find these 'vintage style' salt and pepper shakers for just 99p and couldn't quite leave them sitting there on the shelf on their own ;)

I apologise for the rambling and wordy post but I had to share my enjoyment with you all! Have any of you snapped up some bargains lately? Xox

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