Montagne Jeunesse Green Tea Peel Off

Today's review is carrying on with the Montagne Jeunesse theme, and I have decided to move into the 'peel off' masks with their Green Tea Peel Off mask.

Their Green Tea Peel Off claims to be for 'detox and pore cleansing' working to re-energise your skin with natural, uplifting green tea, healing squeezes root ginger & reviving properties of squeezed lemon, to reveal a deep cleaned, toned & radiant complexion. Detox with this treat weekly. 

When pouring this product out of the packet the texture is massively different to a lot of other Montagne Jeunesse masks. It has a really thin, runny consistency and is actually quite sticky to the touch. This did make it slightly harder to apply personally as I kept dropping little bits on the floor. It also shows up as more of a clear product on your skin so you have to be consistent in how much you put on each part of your face.

There was very little to the smell of this product, unlike with the Montagne Jeunesse Strawberry SoufflĂ© where the scent wafted around the room this was almost odourless, a slight disappointment as usually their masks smell so nice!

This didn't really set as such, there was a very slight - and I mean slight - tightening feeling when using this mask, nothing like that from the Montagne Jeunesse Blemish Mud Pack. However, this made the mask extremely light and it's not hard to forget that you have it on.

I think I ended up keeping the mask on for nearer 25 minutes due to getting distracted by the TV and forgetting I had it on - D'oh! Anyhow when I tried to remove it by simply peeling off the mask I got a bit stuck on where to start, I eventually managed to pick up the edge around my jaw line and peel off. Now a lot of the mask did come off by simply peeling it which was as is expected. However, on both of my cheeks a build up of product was left where it hadn't dried meaning that it couldn't be peeled off my skin. I don't know whether I had put more on these areas as everywhere else was fine or it has something to do with my cheeks... Also one thing I would say is when using this DO NOT GET IT IN HAIR, even eye brows as man it hurts to get it out, I ended up using an eyebrow brush so this wasn't too bad but around the edges of my face I did get little sections of my hair stuck in this and let's just say it wasn't the nicest feeling in the World.

I don't think I will repurchase this particular mask as even though there was nothing wrong with it, the sticky texture is just not for me. I much prefer the mud packs and thicker masks where you can see them on your skin and have it running all over your hands.

You can get Montagne Jeunesse masks from many different shops, Primark have a small selection along with Savers and other cheap beauty stores. You can also buy them on-line from Montagne Jeunesse 

Have any of you tried any of the Montagne Jeunesse masks yourself? And if so what did you think to them? xox

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