MUA Brush on Concealer Pen Review

I think I'm going to settle my decision that these concealer pens aren't for me - from any brand.

Normally no I get on too well with them and prefer either the more liquid concealers or the concealer sticks, but when I saw this one on sale on the MUA website for just £1 I thought I would give it a go. I brought mine in the lightest shade that they do 'Radiance'

Although this is the right shade for me this I probably the only thing I'm keen on about this product and even then if you don't rub it in quick enough it can tend to leave an orange darker area on your face.

I personally like the idea of the brush, it's very soft and does allow you to get a small amount of product at a time, meaning less wastage which is a plus and means it'll last longer. However the first time you use it you really do need to twist the end an awful lot of times! I was beginning to think I had an empty tube at one point. I also find it quite hard to blend the product in with this and it always seems to leave streaky marks where the product has been applied - which is not a good look

I think personally this concealer is not for me due to my dislike of the concealer style, the product inside the tube is actually fairly decent - I think - so all is not lost.

If you like these types of concealer then I would definitely say give it a go, for the sheer price of it you can't really have an excuse not to. But if they're not for you then I wouldn't go rushing to your merest counter to pick it up.

Toodlepip! xox

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