NOTD - NYC In a Minute Quick Dry Water Street Blue

This really was an impulse buy when I was out buying some dinner with the brother yesterday.

We went on the look out for some crisps and I instead stumbled upon these little bargains, loads of NYC nail polishes for just £1 each.

Unfortunately I was only able to pick up 2 due to the lack of pennies that I had taken out with me. One of these was a bright blue shade called Water Street Blue which is a proper blue summery shade.

I only needed to apply 2 coats to get the finish that I wanted, as shown in the pictures and it's claim to be an In a Minute quick dry nail polish really is true.

Overall I really like this product, the quick drying, small coat finish has really impressed me. I was going to take use of Superdrug's 2 for £3 offer but it now seems that I no longer need to do this. What a treat!

Have you tried out any of the NYC nail polishes? I also have the Big City Dazzle shade so shall be trying this out soon!

Toodlepip! Xox

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