Soap and Glory Hand Food vs Possibility Raspberry Pavlova

I do realise it has been a whole since I have wrote a 'beauty' related post but seen as I don't proclaim to be just a beauty blogger I hope I can get away with putting the occasional one in amongst food and lifestyles posts :) I apologise for the lack of links, and the arrangement, this has been done on my iPhone and will be edited as soon as I get my laptop back :') hopefully not too long!

Anyway onto this subject, since walking into the blogging atmosphere I decided to finally indulge in the Soap and Glory product line rather than just admiring from a distance. Hand Food was one of my latest products, brought of eBay for a measly few pound (can't remember exact figure) but instantly fell in love. 'Shea Butter, Macadamia Oil and Marshmallow' who can resist that for a start and I loved the smell. You only need a tiny amount to fully moisten your hands and since using this I have not experienced the 'dry hand sensation' which use to be quite a common problem.

However with this being quite a costly product costing £5 from Boots I have been careful of not using too much in the hope that it will last me a long time. So on a trip to Home Bargains yesterday I spotted this Possibility Raspberry Pavlova hand cream for just 69p so decided to give it a try.

There is a clear difference here with the Soap and Glory costing £5 for 125ml and the Possibility costing just 69p for the same amount!

1:0 to Possibility

This is an extremely close decision because as with many people I love the smell of the Soap and Glory Hand Food and have no end of compliments on the smell when I've been using it. However as a sucker for anything sweet the smell of the Possibility Raspberry Pavlova smells of exactly what it says on the tin. Ah it just makes you so hungry when you have this on and you seriously have to refrain from sniffing your hands constantly! Personally my points here would again go for the Possibility but if sweet smells aren't for you then this is probably not going to be your favourite product.

2:0 to Possibility

I'm not sure of this is an actual word or not (my iPhone has placed them lovely red dots under it so I would guess not) but it fits the category perfectly. Now with the Soap and Glory a little product goes a long way and it soaks into your hands super quickly, I swear I still put too much on but my hands drink it all up like they've not had a drink in years! With the Possibility again you don't need loads of the product and a little does go a long way, however it can take a couple of extra seconds to be fully absorbed (cue smelling time) but too much and you will be left with a slightly 'wet' feeling hand. For this reason (I occasionally do squeeze a little too much out of the tube) I will have to go for Soap and Glory.

2:1 to Possibility

First things first I love both of these tubes! They are both tube products meaning the product comes out easily and you can get the amount you need/want. However on squeezing the Possibility tube for the first time I did feel emptier and had to squeeze a bit harder to get the product out. Then we look at the designs of the tubes; the Soap and Glory has its classic vintage look on the pink background, nothing more can be said as we all know and love this right? The Possibility however comes fit with not only the recipe for a raspberry pavlova but also the instructions on how to make one... How awesome is that! I think we all know where the points are going now ;)

3:1 to Possibility

The product inside the tubes is quite different when comparing them, the Soap and Glory has a white colour and the normal consistency that you would expect from a moisturiser, however, the Possibility is a pink colour and appears thicker than normal. This may hinder towards the soakability factors of the two creams (I'm becoming a fan of this word/creation now) and suggest why the Soap and Glory is a more expensive product. For cream appeal - hehe - my points here would have to go to Soap and Glory (normal is sometimes boring but the pink did worry me for a few seconds)

3:2 to Possibility

So final score 3:2 to Possibility and it seems I have found my winner! Currently I have a large amount left in both tubes and carry them both around with me but I think I will use the Possibility throughout the day and save my Soap and Glory for night or when my hands are feeling particularly dry and need that extra moisturising.

I shall leave you with some images (I couldn't decide where they best fitted in) to ponder over. Have any of you tried any similar products? Or does anyone know of any other flavours of the Possibility range? Would love to hear about them :) xox

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