Those Little Things That Make You Smile

Don't you just think that when you're feeling a little down and upset it really is the little things that make you feel so much better...

Just thought I'd share a few little things with you all :)

1. Awww - I'm sorry but how adorable is this! I'm not normally a massive fan of animal pics but this one did it for me :)

2. Sweets.... absolutely no-one can resist a good old bag of sweets and this one for just 39p may I add! is just amazing, the little farm animals are really cute and super tasty too! I tried not to eat them all in one sitting...

3. Ice cream - what better to eat when it's a warm day at the beach but an ice cream sundae? This one can complete with a fruit cocktail at the bottom, strawberry sauce, multiple sprinkles, wafer and flake all for just £1.50!

I just wanted to leave you all with this little message to consider... Thanks to Ness at OnePerfectDay for the image

Toodlepip! xox

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