Day out in London, Olympic Village and More

First of I would like to apologise to the few of you out there who read my blog due to the sever lack of posts as of lately... There are reasons behind this, obviously as always work has been a BIG  one with not giving me much free time, the other being that the free time I have had has been spent doing Dissertation work (you students out there will know the stresses!) and not a lot else.

Yesterday as usual was my day at university and today held the event of a trip to London to see the Olympic Village as it is now and... well a day out really. 

After leaving uni grounds a 6:30 am!!! We endured the three and a half hour journey to the Capital and after actually not a lot of traffic we made it in one piece (I was put in charge on the coach due to the lack in a tutor being present so this is quite a good fact for me!) and of course the essential coffee at the services. 

A lot of walking around the village meant seeing quite a few sites and different picture opportunities (as dotted across the post to avoid mass clumpage - or will be when I land on my computer) and it was actually a rather enjoyable day. As a sports student having missed the previous trip around the grounds I think I found it more original than my mates but as I say it was still a good day out, so all is not lost ;) 

Plus! Yes there's more... we had a chance to spend an hour going around the biggest shopping Center ever; Westfields, where instead of walking around the shops the four of us sat with the tutor to discuss our dissertation and work out what we need to do exactly, actually the most helpful part of the trip! Yes you did just read that write, we chose dissertation above shopping!

Currently I am sat on the bus on the way home writing this (ok at the time of writing this I was on the bus....) waiting for our next service stop, for another coffee in an attempt to stay awake, arranging a day out soon to spend the day just going around the shops with mates, we need the Westfields experience!

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