QOTD #Quotivation1

Yes I have just made this word up and I quite like it :)

Today I thought I'd just put up a few little images to inspire and motivate you, not much needs to be said about them but here you go...

1. Be You Tiful, this reminds me of the whole reason behind most of us out there knowing how to spell beautiful... 'B E A U Tiful...' Oh I do love that film :') But on the more serious note... Be yourself! And love yourself for it!!!

2. I don't go to church every week but I do believe in the Big Man, and if I'm at my mums then I'll go along with the rest of the family and I do go on 'special occasions' but this kind of links to the above quote, just believe and let what happens happen, have faith in yourself and have faith in the man upstairs, everything will be ok! 

3. This did put a little smile on my face :) but it's basically along the same theme, don't give up and keep searching for new inspirations and ideas 

Q4. Yes life is difficult and we will all come across different bumps and pot holes in our journeys but travelling through these and not being scared of them can help us to move on and carry on. Keep strong! 

5. First off how cute is this :') quite simply if you're happy then those around you will also be happy. Lets spread the happiness people! 

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