Sport, Sun, Cider and Nose Jobs

Ok so maybe this title is just slightly out of line... I mean I've not quite had a nose job today! Though there was definitely a lot of sport, a lot of sun, a lot of cider and well we'll get onto the nose bit.

My day today started off with a lay-in, though I'm really quite unaware of what these are so it really was a massive treat for me, well overdue! and waking up to the sun coming through the window was just an even better surprise.

Into the shower I went, using my Soap & Glory body wash and body butter just to make my skin feel extra smooth.. followed by drying my hair Au Natural outside whilst hanging out the washing (which I should really go fetch in) and then decided to get myself some breakfast.

So after a couple of pop tarts had found their way into my belly I made my way back outside to sit down and do some more reading for my dissertation. (This is the reason behind my lack of posts lately) and decided that yes it really was a lovely, sunny day.

The shorts and vest top went on and I made my way up to Uni for a charity rounders tournament that I was taking part in (I even biked in, on the bike that I haven't rode since I got hit by a car like 2 years ago) needless to say it didn't break and I got to Uni super quick.

After meeting my friends and team-mates on the pitch we decided to saunter of to the SU and stock up on a few alcoholic beverages for the day - Koppaberg Strawberry and Lime all the way! and 3 of these for £9.30 was a bit of a bargain personally.

So by this time it was about 1pm and we had an hour before we started the first match so we decided to have a 'mess around' and it was official my lack of rounders playing was clearly evident, I think most of our time was spent fetching balls out of the hedges and trees around the fields!

Anyway onto the event of the day, when we actually started playing I managed to connect with the ball most of the time and even scored myself a few cheeky rounders, was getting along pretty good, we even had a quick little interview about our 3 years at uni - with a pint in my hand I was obviously showing the typical student right...?

Half way through the day and casually going with the flow of the games, took my place to bat and the bowler through a no ball, that's fine I thought and realigned myself for the next ball, this time however the bowler decided to throw the ball not just at me but straight on my nose... yes a fair bit of the red stuff and a few gauzes later - we had St John's Ambulance there just in case, and well I had to give them something to do right... I have been left with a rather swollen lip and a poorly nose. However this didn't put me off and the next match I was straight back in there, I probably even played better from that point!

Alas we didn't win the tournament but it was a really fun day and I've also taken home a pair of rather red shoulders which I'm sure will be really fun in the morning. Hoping the Hawaiian Tropic After Sun Body Butter that I've lavishly applied will become my friend again!

I'm now off back up to Uni for our Sports Presentation so shall leave you all with a quick couple of sporting motivational messages from none other than the Pinterest boards...

Toodlepip! Xox

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