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Review... Soap & Glory Some Like It Hot Body Softening Thermal Scrub

I haven't done a product review in a long time... this isn't because I haven't found anything worth writing about, there seems to be a lot of things I'm discovering lately (maybe this could be a future post idea??) but with this I just knew I had to share it with you all.

I brought this as part of Boot's 3 for 2 offer along with their Dr Spot and Face Soap Clarity costing me a total of just £16. Now one of the things that prompted this review was the fact that the woman at the counter asked me if this 'Some like it hot' was any good and I had to honestly say I didn't know but had heard good things (which I have)

So anyway on to the product itself... I'm going to start with the packaging because this just made me chuckle a fair bit anyway...I have took some pictures of the exact bits close up so you can see for yourself but I think these things are really what make Soap and Glory what they are...

'This scrub gets quite toasty when you rub it! - I…

Quotivation #4

I'm going to go straight to the pictures this week because quite frankly the first one resonates with me so much...

1. Just love this so much <3

2. This is also true, anything is possible if you believe in it, I think kids live their lives by this thinking

3. This is me too much... not a lot tops sitting down with a cup of tea and a good book to read

4. This is pretty much the same as the last one, I don't want to consider the amount of money that gets spent on books, but for the purse strings I only ever by them from charity shops or car boots unless stores have them for £1 (Asda use to have a massive section of these but haven't seen any lately)

5. I think I have a BIG thank you list to write... I still remember when I was the most un-confident person ever and wouldn't speak to anyone. I spent my first two years at work speaking to just one other person, whereas now as soon as I get to know someone they all think I'm the most confident person ever. However, pu…

Pinterest Fail

I have just found this site from Rachel @ Well Worn Soles and have to say I think I'm instantly addicted!

It's basically a site where people upload images of pins they have tried and subsequently failed at (sounds exactly like what would happen to me!) and really does help to make you giggle and smile.

Here's a few I've found so far...

1. This is something that has happened and will happen to me many many times...

2. After seeing this I think it's safe to say I shan't be attempting these anytime soon....

3. This one's just wow!

Fathers Day

So yesterday was Father's Day and I decided a trip to see the parents was in order. Getting an early bus over I started the day by meeting them at church and afterwards having a cup of tea and a few biscuits.

After church I took my youngest brother to the local Sainsburys to pick up a couple of bits for dad (I know poor organization!)and a few treats. I have to say their brownies (3 for £1) are the best ones I've ever tasted and rather fudgey! I was encouraged to pick up the massive tub of malteasers as they were just £3 so I'm currently sat here munching away on them...

We decided to treat dad to a meal out for dinner (it was fathers day after all) so went to our local garden centre for a roast dinner, on getting there however we were slightly late in the day (3pm) so there was only beef left, which we could cope with, but there were also no yorkshire puddings or stuffing left.... I swear these are the best bits of a roast so was massively gutted about this, but on a plus…

Quotivation #3

I've had a bit of a prowse on Pinterest this morning and a few of these really struck a cord with me so I thought I would share them with you all , they would have been uploaded earlier but my laptop decided to randomly die on me and then I've been at work all day earning the pennies...

1. I think so often we see our selves through the eyes of others and if they have a negative comment we try to change this aspect of ourselves. Basically we shouldn't do this and instead embrace the good comments but remember that no matter what the negative comments are we still have to be our own person

2. So often we stop ourselves doing something because we are too scared that it will end badly or it won't turn out as we want it to (or what it looks like when others do it), I seem to do this a lot! Thanks to Rosie Simons for this one.

3. This is kind of the previous two summed up in one big ol quote, but it's true none the less, sometimes we really do just need to stop thinking …

London Baby

I think I've fallen even more in love with London over the last couple of days... the busy city life, the rushing crowds around the underground, the city never sleeping. For some of you these may be the things you hate about London but I may be one of the rare few that thrive on this and do love being part of the crowds and never ending 'traffic' of the city.
As you guys out there (I hope there's someone reading this...) may or may not know I've just got back from a trip to London with some mates from uni, the four of us decided that we would take a trip away to celebrate the end of our three years together and, lets face it, do a bit of shopping.
We arrived down in the city around 4pm on Tuesday which was actually rather quite and headed straight for the hotel which was a five minute walk away. This five minutes turned out in fact to take us the best part of half an hour after leaving Kings Cross in the wrong direction... Not the best of starts but it allowed us …

Summer/Spring Look


Magazine Must Buys! Glamour July 2013 Model Co

I just had to share this little bargain I managed to pick up in Tesco the other day... now I, as I'm sure is the case with most of us out there, do enjoy treating myself to a magazine and sitting in front of the TV with a cup of tea reading it!

On this occasion I decided to go for Glamour magazine which was on it's special price of £1... this is already a bargain but this month's issue also comes with a choice of 5 Model Co beauty products;

Mascara (£16)2 shades of Lip Gloss (£16 each)Eye Liner (£15)Lip Liner (£15)
I have put how much they are worth next to each product just so that you can really see how much of a saving you make.
I brought two episodes, one with mascara and one with lip gloss in the nude shade, which has been given the name 'strip tease'  Though obviously the magazines are the same one of these will be going to a friend so it's not left sitting alone unread.
Upon opening and first flicking through the magazine I noticed there was another free g…

Sunday Monday Happy Days

It seems lately that all my posts seem to be starting with an apology for not having put up many posts recently and this is *touchwood* going to be the last one of those for a while....

I have now finished with uni, my three years has been completed! Its just the anxious wait for grades beginning now, don't like this part much...

Meanwhile I have been working full time (as in every shift going!) leaving me with very little free time and no days off, which though this may sound a bit OTT I have kind of been enjoying it due to the rather large wage packets that await me every Tuesday, and on those rare occasions that I do have some off I can fit in seeing the amazing man in my life and we can spend some quality time together.

If we back track to the Wednesday before last (I know, I know that's a long time) me and the fella went to go and see Lee Nelson in Nottingham and it was rather good, plus we were right in the centre of the second row so we definitely couldn't complain …