Fathers Day

So yesterday was Father's Day and I decided a trip to see the parents was in order. Getting an early bus over I started the day by meeting them at church and afterwards having a cup of tea and a few biscuits.

After church I took my youngest brother to the local Sainsburys to pick up a couple of bits for dad (I know poor organization!)and a few treats. I have to say their brownies (3 for £1) are the best ones I've ever tasted and rather fudgey! I was encouraged to pick up the massive tub of malteasers as they were just £3 so I'm currently sat here munching away on them...

We decided to treat dad to a meal out for dinner (it was fathers day after all) so went to our local garden centre for a roast dinner, on getting there however we were slightly late in the day (3pm) so there was only beef left, which we could cope with, but there were also no yorkshire puddings or stuffing left.... I swear these are the best bits of a roast so was massively gutted about this, but on a plus the bits that we did have were really rather tasty :)

We then went for a little prowse round the shop and managed to pick up a few bargains, some little boofle and me to you card kits for £1 each and a little felting book for £5 as I really want to actually make something now that I have the wool and everything just need the felting mat (does anyone know the best place to get this from?!)

The picture below kinda sums up the day for me... he's trying to be a monster here btw! I do love this little boy :)

Look at the amazing local surroundings on the way home though, so beautiful and the pictures don't do it justice but you could see for miles around...

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