London Baby

I think I've fallen even more in love with London over the last couple of days... the busy city life, the rushing crowds around the underground, the city never sleeping. For some of you these may be the things you hate about London but I may be one of the rare few that thrive on this and do love being part of the crowds and never ending 'traffic' of the city.

As you guys out there (I hope there's someone reading this...) may or may not know I've just got back from a trip to London with some mates from uni, the four of us decided that we would take a trip away to celebrate the end of our three years together and, lets face it, do a bit of shopping.

We arrived down in the city around 4pm on Tuesday which was actually rather quite and headed straight for the hotel which was a five minute walk away. This five minutes turned out in fact to take us the best part of half an hour after leaving Kings Cross in the wrong direction... Not the best of starts but it allowed us to see a little more houses and streets tbh. 

After much deliberation we settled on going to Prezzos for tea collectively eating two margaritas, a lasagne and a spicy pepperoni pasta (I can't remember the name but it began with pollo... ) which I have to admit has turned me into a Prezzo fan. The food was Amazing! This didn't stop one of my friends accidentally flinging a large portion of her pasta across the floor when her knife slipped... *cue very red cheeks* 

The rest of our first night was pretty uneventful, toured a bit of the streets and picked up the essentials and then found a pub near to the hotel for a few drinks - normal student behaviour right!

 In the morning after a very satisfying McDonald's breakfast (breakfast wrap all the way!) we ventured out over to Stratford to pay a visit to Westfield's Shopping Centre and here we spent the rest of the day. The best bit of this from me definitely had to be finding the David and Goliath shop as man do I love their stuff and they had a bit of a sale on! This is one of my purchases below and hopefully I shall be sharing a few more with you soonish...

All of us ended up pretty much empty handed at the end of the day though, none of us had really brought much with the most of our spending going on food... (Nando's for tea on this occasion) which alas I didn't remember to photograph any of - it was all just too nice and ate too quickly! 

We ended the day with a brief trip to Covent Garden, cue the rain before retiring back to Kings Cross to wait for our train back home.

All in all I think we all enjoyed the trip and personally every time I go to the city I see to enjoy it more and more and really thrive on my time there... may have to convince the fella to go on a couple of trips ;)

*Top image was sourced from tumblr*

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