Quotivation #3

I've had a bit of a prowse on Pinterest this morning and a few of these really struck a cord with me so I thought I would share them with you all , they would have been uploaded earlier but my laptop decided to randomly die on me and then I've been at work all day earning the pennies...

1. I think so often we see our selves through the eyes of others and if they have a negative comment we try to change this aspect of ourselves. Basically we shouldn't do this and instead embrace the good comments but remember that no matter what the negative comments are we still have to be our own person

2. So often we stop ourselves doing something because we are too scared that it will end badly or it won't turn out as we want it to (or what it looks like when others do it), I seem to do this a lot! Thanks to Rosie Simons for this one.

3. This is kind of the previous two summed up in one big ol quote, but it's true none the less, sometimes we really do just need to stop thinking and let nature take it's course, what will happen will happen and all that jazz...

4. I seem to miss my boyfriend a fair bit lately due to us both working immense hours at distances away from each other, it does however make the few moments each week we spend together extra special. 

5. There's not much to say about this really it just made me chuckle :) there's loads more like this here.

Hope you enjoy :) 

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