Quotivation #4

I'm going to go straight to the pictures this week because quite frankly the first one resonates with me so much...

1. Just love this so much <3

2. This is also true, anything is possible if you believe in it, I think kids live their lives by this thinking

3. This is me too much... not a lot tops sitting down with a cup of tea and a good book to read

4. This is pretty much the same as the last one, I don't want to consider the amount of money that gets spent on books, but for the purse strings I only ever by them from charity shops or car boots unless stores have them for £1 (Asda use to have a massive section of these but haven't seen any lately)

5. I think I have a BIG thank you list to write... I still remember when I was the most un-confident person ever and wouldn't speak to anyone. I spent my first two years at work speaking to just one other person, whereas now as soon as I get to know someone they all think I'm the most confident person ever. However, put me on my own in a group of people and well... there's very little chance of me speaking up. Still I can definitely say I have seen a massive improvement since my working years so thanks guys!

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