Review... Soap & Glory Some Like It Hot Body Softening Thermal Scrub

I haven't done a product review in a long time... this isn't because I haven't found anything worth writing about, there seems to be a lot of things I'm discovering lately (maybe this could be a future post idea??) but with this I just knew I had to share it with you all.

I brought this as part of Boot's 3 for 2 offer along with their Dr Spot and Face Soap Clarity costing me a total of just £16. Now one of the things that prompted this review was the fact that the woman at the counter asked me if this 'Some like it hot' was any good and I had to honestly say I didn't know but had heard good things (which I have)

So anyway on to the product itself... I'm going to start with the packaging because this just made me chuckle a fair bit anyway...I have took some pictures of the exact bits close up so you can see for yourself but I think these things are really what make Soap and Glory what they are...

'This scrub gets quite toasty when you rub it! - I shall come back to this bit later...

'Do not get this body scrub in your eyes, or use it on irritated or abraded skin. It would be reasonably uncomfortable and might prompt you to scramble naked through your flat shrieking 'water, water!' (less opportunistic exhibitionists can also just rinse well with cool water)' - LOL

So the nitty gritty - quite applicable for this product as it does indeed have little exfoliating beads inside to help give your skin that oh so smooth feeling!

The warming of the product has been both a plus and a negative for me, on squeezing a dollup out of the tube into my hand its not warm, however as soon as it touches your body you get that hot hit. The downfall for me though is that this doesn't last, it's like a five second blast of heat but as soon as you start spreading it over your body the heating aspect disappears. This may be due to the significantly smaller sized plum that I use (I want my product to last a long time after all) maybe if I used more it would be warmer?

I cannot however fault the moisturizing aspect of this scrub because you can definitely tell when you've used it, my skin feels like a babies bottom, smooth as anything (they say on the packaging you may need to use a moisturizer after but I haven't yet and have used it every day for a week (so much for savouring the product hey))

Have any of you guys used this and had similar or better results with the heating aspect? 

Au Revoir x

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