Sunday Monday Happy Days

It seems lately that all my posts seem to be starting with an apology for not having put up many posts recently and this is *touchwood* going to be the last one of those for a while....

I have now finished with uni, my three years has been completed! Its just the anxious wait for grades beginning now, don't like this part much...

Meanwhile I have been working full time (as in every shift going!) leaving me with very little free time and no days off, which though this may sound a bit OTT I have kind of been enjoying it due to the rather large wage packets that await me every Tuesday, and on those rare occasions that I do have some off I can fit in seeing the amazing man in my life and we can spend some quality time together.

If we back track to the Wednesday before last (I know, I know that's a long time) me and the fella went to go and see Lee Nelson in Nottingham and it was rather good, plus we were right in the centre of the second row so we definitely couldn't complain about not being able to see anything! For some of you this may just seem like a 'meh' occasion but for me personally it was quite special. You see about a year before we got together (3 years ago!) I went to see Lee Nelson in Lincoln with a couple of college mates, just before the show was about to start a lad about our age walked in and (due to it being like the only spare seat) can and sat down next to me. We thought nothing of this, and then when Lee Nelson asked for a volunteer this lad stood up and went on stage, at the time again we thought nothing of this really. (you can probably see where this is going) Anyway fast forward a year to when we just started seeing each other and one day we got talking about concerts or gigs that we'd been to and lo and behold he turned out to be the afore mentioned lad that got up on stage!

Back into the present (must we go there) today I am meeting some old work mates to do the touristy thing around Skegness; a bit of crazy golf, bowling, beach, donuts, icecream... the whole shebang so there may well be some pictures coming up tonight (I am serious about this more blogging thing)

The Tuesday (I can't wait) me and the girls are going to London for a couple of days, nothing big but a night away to celebrate the end of our 3 years together. Cue another little photo diary and lots of spending after this!

I think this picture finishes this post for me...

Toodlepip! Xox

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