My New Best Friends

Thought I'd go for a slightly different post today with a few insights into my life lately.. including animals, products, and just general shizz

This week I am house and dog sitting for my boss while she's gone away to Greece - who needs to go abroad for sun at the minute hey - but this has resulted in my first 'new best friend.' He goes by the name of Barney and is one of the cutest dogs around - and I'm not normally a dog person, numerous daily walks and lounging about in the Sun look set for me



The other day I met up with an old friend to go swimming in the local outdoor pool and of course forgot to take sun cream with me - I swear it wasn't that warm - and lo and betold after a couple of hours in the pool and then another hour and a half on a deck chair on returning to the changing room we both let out a gasp and simultaneously said each other was going to hurt in the morning. Resembling lobsters was not the word for either of us..

However I have my saviour for this in the form of a little green pot and my must have summer essential brand. This is the Hawaiian Tropic After Sun Body Butter, today I am using the Lime Coolada tub as my Exotic Coconut tub is left behind at my flat :'( but man it still smells good and works, my skin no longer has that burning tingly feeling and is - maybe it's just my eyes - already starting to tan slightly.

This tub does retail for about £10 normally but I always manage to pick mine up at the beginning of summer from Home Bargains for just £3/4 - BARGAIN!

My last best friend - geek alert - is the app on my iPhone called HayDay, it's a little farm game where you have to grow crops, rear animals, go fishing, fill boat orders and make produce that I'm just slightly, and ashamedly, addicted to... on that note though if any of you guys fancy linking up with me on the Game Center my username is 'bugsyh' ;)

Hope you're all having a fab time in the heatwave that we appear to be having and I shall leave you all to enjoy - but remember protection!

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