Quotivation #5

A little admission here... I have gone slightly over my usual 5 pictures today because these have all really stood out to me and I couldn't wait another week to share them with you alll...

1. Thought the best way to start would be with this lighthearted image, it did make me chuckle (I seem to have a thing for turtles and turtle images lately)

2. Aren't we all guilty of this? Judging someone before we know them yet then getting annoyed when other people do exactly the same about us... 
3. I think I need to pay attention to this... I have now finished Uni as some of you may know and am in that transition phase of looking for a full time job in Lincoln. Maybe working in Skeg isn't the best situation (I'm a 2 hour bus ride from home) but today I've been able to come home and look after my litte brother as he's ill and off school so maybe this is where I'm needed at the minute

4. Not much to say about this but it's just a really nice little phrase

5. I think that this will be perfect for any of you about to start a new task or challenge, no matter how hard something seems before you start it once it's done it's done and the acomplishment will give you a really positive feeling.

6. I think this speaks for itself really

7. This just totally sums me up, it's totallly not me that causes all my falls.....

8. It's only right to finish as we started, something to make you smile :)

Hope you enjoy these all...

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