Quotivation #6

I think I really do need to start writing more posts to you guys, definitely do apolagise for the sheer lack of them lately, no excuses I know but been run down with work and actually catching up with the man in my life :D - shall maybe tell you more in the next couple of days ;)

Anyway.... on with the pictures hey

1. A nice simple one to start you off... you know that saying 'follow your heart'

2. Hmm yupp I'd agree with this one... there's no point saying I want this, I want that without going out and trying to get that thing..

3. I think we're all slightly guilty of this are we not? I know I definitely spend too much of my time - admittedly it's normally on my bus journeys and 9 times out of 10 times it results in me randomly grinning like an idiot but hey ho...

4. Just a couple of little ones to make you chuckle .. plus this one reminds me of the Mr the other day after him casually telling me to 'stop giving him lip' and then flashing a cheesy grin *above quote here we come*

5. I like the image for this as much as the quote itself, I'm kind of tempted to get it printed onto a canvas and arrange it on my wall somewhere ...

Hope you enjoy these and if any of you have a subject or an area that you want some 'quotivation' for.. just leave me a comment and I'll see what I can do :) x

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