Quotivation #6

I have made a return of this page and hopefully it has been worth the very long wait...

1. I first heard this quote a few years ago but it has been one of those that's really stuck with me

2. I think a lot of people will agree with me on this when that special person enters the room..

3. I think with this one I like the picture as much as the quote and they do really fit together, but alas it is true, just because things aren't going your way at the minute doesn't mean that they wont change around..

4. This pretty much sums up the last one again so nothing else is needed to be said

5. Doesn't this just remind you of being a little kid!!

6. This is a bit like numbers 3 and 4 but on a slightly lower perspective, I do like these funny ones..

7. Hehe, I had to include this one as yesterday one of my friends had to get her uniform for school although no matter how many times she typed it on her phone it refused to say anything but unicorn

8. ..... I don't think anything needs to be said here ;)

9. No-one can say they haven't done this... 

10. Cats don't half have it easy don't they....

I think I'm taking a liking to animal quotes as there seems to be quite a few of them on this occasion... do hope you all enjoy them though :)

Bye Bye for now xox

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