Autumn and Bloglovin' Clearout

Spring Cleaning...

Now this never happened to me and instead it seems that I am having an Autumn clear out - and what better time? Changing the wardrobes and shoe closets from summer to winter, refinding the hats, scarves and gloves that have been cleverly filed away.

The other day I came home from a week at work - hopefully this will be changing soon! *fingers crossed* and after having a day out watching a good old game of hockey I made myself some tea - pork roast no less, I'm learning slowly - and decided that my living room needed a change around. Walking back in yesterday it instantly felt so much bigger, more spacious and somehow warmer. I have also now got some curtains in my 'dining room' after living in the flat for 2 years now - shameful I know! I will post some photos on these once I am settled and have my camera and phone running properly.

Also on the plan for the near future is a new bathroom, we have had a bit of an issue with damp so a couple of weekends ago the father and I spent the day cleaning up, sorting out the affected wall and spent a few hard earn pennies at B&Q. It is still a work in progress I will admit but has been painted a fresh starting white with a new sink and vanity unit being brought along with some paint, a blind and a few little accessories. All that is left now is to buy that all important bath and toilet and to actually put it all back together as such - these are some of the ideas and things that I have found....

Another big task I've just started doing is refreshing my Bloglovin account - I just logged on, admittedly after a fair while, to about 6000 unread posts and almost just closed it back down. However, I have decided instead to simply go through those I am following and file it down to the Blogs that I do read and enjoy - there are still many many of these so it's going to be a very long process.

On to the happier news - there have been developments in my work life... I went for an interview the other day for a classroom assistant in a SENI school for 16-19 year olds, now after applying for the job I never thought I would even get offered an interview so was honestly a bit shocked when I got the phone call for it. Never the less I went to the interview - after arriving nearly an hour early due to transport and such and left feeling relaxed and with a positive attitude, not terribly confident but feeling that it hadn't gone badly. So waiting for my bus to take me to work just two hours later I had an unrecognised number ringing me and answered it in case it was another job or interview offer - I've applied for lots of jobs - and was rather surprised to hear that it was the HR manager from the school asking me to return for a second interview and role-play type session where I am placed in the classroom for a couple of hours for them to see me 'in action' as said. 

This is happening next Monday so hopefully I will have some more positive news for you all soon :) life really does seem to be coming together lately and work seems to be looking on the up both for me and that special man in my life.

The Future Is Bright For Us All Right Now :D

But for now, until next time - ta ta xx

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