Avon Reps and Christmas Bargains

Winter has most definitely struck at work now, we are down to the loyal locals to keep us open and playing games. One of these however, just happens to be an Avon Rep and occasionally brings in any cheap stock that she's got hanging around. 

The other day was one of these and I managed to pick up a couple of absolute bargains... A bag of assorted makeup for £1 and 2 perfumes for £2 each. Now just wait till you see what I found when I got home and opened it all! 

1. Assorted bag of makeup; 
- Color Trend 'Mint Chocolate' eye shadow
I cannot find this product on the Avon website anymore though it is available from eBay and Amazon in different shades. I have used some of the other shades and it really does go onto the eye lid really well, easily smudging and creating that lovely 'mint chocolate look'

- Color Trend Kiss 'n' Go Lipstick in 'Sequin'
This product is still available from the Avon website but only in different shades in the new limited edition packaging, and is currently on offer for £1.85 down from £3.75 which is a great deal. 

On application this requires a couple of coats in order to get a decent coverage and unfortunately doesn't last very long once it's on. £1.85 is a cheap price but I think it stands up to the quality and experience that you get from this.

- Color Trend Coloured Mascara in 'Violet Sizzle'

This again is unfortunately not available to buy anymore after looking on the Avon website. On using it the brush is definitely  the highlight, giving separation and touching every lash. However, for me this was not as good as it sounds, the colour ended up giving me the reverse effect of what you hope from a mascara; it hid my lashes and instead of making them longer and more voluminous, it shortened them and almost made them vanish.

- Nail Experts Conditioning Cuticle Pen
 This is still available to buy from the Avon website here and is on offer at the moment from £6.50 to £2.30 which personally I feel is a really good deal.

I am yet to use this as I still have my nails half painted - and I mean half, but am definitely going to give it a try soon and let you know what I think of it. The reviews posted don't seem too keen on the product but hey ho.

- Ultra Glazewear Lip Gloss in 'Plum Dazzle'
I really like this product and it is on an amazing offer at the minute here for £6.50 each OR 2 for £5 and a FREE gift bag - surely you can't go wrong there, two for less than the price of one and a freebie! It also goes on really well on the lips, full coverage from the first coat and it stays on your lips for a long time considering it is a lipgloss. Think I may be adding a few of these to my collection soon.

- Perfect Kiss Lipstick in 'Berry Smooch'
Don't you just love the name of this shade, I know I do ;) This, available here for £4.25, currently half price from £8.50 is well worth the price. Now I'm not normally a lipstick person but this may just change that because I really do like this. From the first slight coat you get full coverage in the lovely colour that can be seen above. It also doesn't rub off as soon as you lick your lips or start to eat your dinner so you can be confident in wearing it and it staying on.

- Super Extend Extreme Mascara in 'Black'
I can't rave about this mascara enough, it's UHMAZING! It is the most expensive thing in the collection priced at £10 but it is well worth this. I put it on the other morning in a mad rush due to oversleeping and didn't have to reapply it once, it gives a really good effect - true to its name and this stays for the whole time you have it on. I was also too tired the same night and forgot to take it off - no excuse I know - but needless to say I didn't wake up with panda eyes and it still looked exactly the same as it had the morning before when I woke up.

- Glazewear Sparkle Lip Gloss in 'Mauve Sequin'

I can't seem to find this on the Avon website anymore but again it is at the lower end of my estimations and is one of those I won't be rushing to buy more of. It gives a decent coverage when applied but it rubs off quite easily and the sparkle element of the lip gloss is just too overpowering and in your face for me. Just not my cup of tea I guess.

The next two items were the perfumes I mentioned; one is a perfume and one an aftershave but both lovely.

- Scentini Nights Midnight Glow

The thing that got my attention with this was the bottle rather than anything and the actual liquid inside it, reminding me of that mouth wash which is two colours, mixing together upon shaking. This bottle is full with the bottom half of the liquid being clear and the top a bold blue. The smell was described by some as 'bubblegum' but personally I feel it is just a very sweet smell and even if I don't wear it, it'll definitely have a place on my shelf.

- City Rush For Him Aftershave

This is a typical manly scent and has a very familiar feel to it, and can be brought from here for £15 OR 2 for £15

So far my christmas shopping has been very minimal so a few of these may find their way into a stocking or two! How are you guys getting on with your christmas shopping so far?

Hannah xox

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