Because it's a New Month.....

What's happened to the year already?!?!?! Seems only days ago that we were sunning it out in the summer and now the tides have turned and were looking into the windows of October and the looming winter.

I have to say though, part of me can't wait for getting wrapped up in layers and putting on the hat and scarf - it calls for nights in and cuddles on the sofa right....? So long as the snow doesn't come too soon..

But anyway onto the topic of this post, because it's a new month and a new season at that I've decided to do a few things that I've wanted to do for a while but never got around to.

1. I'm going to learn to knit - today brings the start of this new hobby, it's one of them things that I've always wanted to do but never picked up the needles and got stuck in as it goes. Hopefully there will be some little creations coming up on here soon that I can share with you - that's if it turns out well...

2. I am going to get that job that I've been looking for - for about a month now I have been dedicatedly looking for a new job, I've been looking since July but  being honest I wasn't really putting myself out there and this had to change. I've had a few interviews and that but nothing more but alas I will not give up! Tomorrow brings another one so fingers crossed, with it being a new month it can bring with it good things right? I think this little saying fits perfectly here...

3. Christmas shopping - OK so I haven't started this because it is only October right, buuut saying that I am determined to do my Christmas shopping on time or even before hand for once, can't be doing with just grabbing anything because I've left it too late. Saying that though, those presents I don't need till after Christmas can wait until the Boots sale because man do I love that!

4. I am going to upload and make some collages of all the pictures from the last couple of months - there have been a couple of big occasions all requiring new dresses of course so I shall try and get these up into a little 'catch up' type post for you all. I know I've been a pretty shabby blogger over the past few months - I really am going to sort this!

Toodle Pip! xox

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