Not my week - or two

So hey there to you lovely people (if you're there) as you may or may not know I am on the constant job search and things were starting to look up, with a couple of interviews planned.

Well first off I have not progressed any further unfortunately, despite getting through to the final interview stage for one of the jobs I was unsuccessful so this has taken me back to that 'endless searching' stage. The job search apps are most definitely the most used on my phone at the moment. 

And talking of my phone this is now pretty much my only bit of available technology. In the last week my laptop has officially died, and now has a maximum life time of 7 minutes before freezing and refusing to do anything!

A little while was spent trekking PC world with the fella but rather unproductively (N)  however I still had a phone and wifi so said the search could wait a few days - maybe stretch to a week.

However, lets now rewind to yesterday afternoon, we were sat aimlessly watching TV on the sofa with a cup of tea discussing water rates - as you do, when I put my cup down on the coaster and it happened to miss and splash all over the wireles router. After a quick wipe down it was still working so the panic was over. However 15 minutes later that decided to die as well. 

So alas I have been left with no laptop and no wireless for a week untill Tesco can send out a new router and I take another trek to PC world. 

On top of this, I'm also still wanting that new bath and possibly a new TV, got absolutely none of my Christmas presents and am experiencing the dreaded winter hours at work.

Fingers are definately crossed for a brighter new year.... 

Anyone else having any prechristmas stresses right now? Who am I kidding... We all are! 

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