Thursday Night is Halloween Bingo Night!

Now traditionally Thursday the 31st October is Halloween and this year is no different - the calendar hasn't changed.

But for me, and at 21 I've still never been trick or treating, it's going to be a much quieter affair. I'm currently on the bus AGAIN I know! On my way to work in a covered up Halloween costume due to it ring fancy dress. I've decided to go low key with a black top and skirt with brown pointy boots with neon pink striped Halloween type tights hiding underneath. Simply painted my nails black last night and all I need to do when I et to work is shove on a wig, hat and cloak and put on a bit of extra makeup - lots of eye liner and red lipstick I'm thinking! 

After work, and some vigourous makeup removal I am hopping back on the bus yo return home to go out with the girls and playing bingo. Fingers crossed I win something as it could come in quite handy now. 👏

I am then intending on returning home and having some food - if we've not had the traditional KFC (after last time I think not) and spend some time on the sofa infront of the TV watching eastenders and the rest.

That's the plan but as with a lot of things ill let you know how it actually panned out later on 😊 May even try to sneak in a couple of photos if your lucky ... 

Ta ta xox

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