Eating Out

Due to recent circumstances at the sisters house - where I stay when I'm working I am having to eat out a lot. This being the fact that she decided to rip her kitchen out because they're having a new one fitted in the next couple of weeks so there is now very little ways of cooking left. 

I have tried to keep away from fast food like McDonald's and such which unfortunately has resulted in either microwave meals, not eating or getting something cooked to work or bakers. 

Today however I really fancied a home cooked or atleast properly cooked meal so have ventured to the local morrisons to get myself a chicken tikka curry with a side of onion rings and a mocha. This might not sound much but I'm currently sat at the table and really can't wait for it to arrive!!

I shall hopefully have it in front of me soon because the meals I've had from here in the past have been really nice so let's just say the standards are high ;)


And I can definately say it lived up to my expectations and there wasn't really a morsel left on the plate when I'd finished with it. I also have to point out that the onion rings were probably the best onion rings I've ever had - and I've had quite a few over my time! 

If I was marking this out of 10 I would probably give it a 9, very nearly perfect! The only thing I would change was the fact that I forgot some tikkas can be quite spicy (for me) and the naan bread and onion rings were definately used to dip in the sauce.

The price was an amazing £5 for the lot and they also have the currys on a 2 for £8.50 deal so a cheap dinner for 2 ;) and I would definately recommend to anyone. Families, singletons, couples the lot!

I know this was a rather random post but they all seem to be going slightly that way lately.... Maybe I need some organisation!

Toodles For now though xx

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