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First Trnd Product Test - Batiste Dry Shampoo

Hey all!

So recently I was really excited by the fact that I got selected to trial the brand new 2 in 1 dry shampoo and conditioner from Batiste. Having used their products before I was really looking forward to getting stuck in and using this product.

It arrived the other day and I took a whole 2 seconds to open the packaging and get reading through the leaflets and assessing the product.

Upon using the product my excitement was short lived...
I will start with the positives; The fragrance, both the scents smell really niceThere is none of the grey colour that normally comes when using dry shampooThe little 'on the go' can is a perfect size to put in your handbag And unfortunately will have to mention the negatives;

I found that it actually made my hair look greasier than before I used the product (see pics) Excuse my facial expressions on these but it's fair too say I wasn't too impressed with this new product! 
It won't however put me off Batiste products as the b…

Garden update

Hey guys!

Hopefully some new fans to?!

As I've said before I'm not what you could exactly call 'green fingered' but have decided to get my hands dirty this year and try to transform my slab of concrete into something a bit more presentable.

My planting so far has actually gone really well; I managed to successfully grow and eat a batch lettuce and have so far doubled my potato breed and thus replanted them.

The best bit however, is my latest improvement....

I know it might not seem much, but to me it just makes the front of my house look SO much better, and my OH came back with the grass so other day for free so it hasn't even cost a penny!

I decided to spruce up the flowers - which I grew from little seedlings - with some little friends. I managed to pick these up from Home Bargains today for a measly 69p each. There were absolutely loads to choose from but I thought these two would do for now...

I'm going to keep my eye out for a few other little nick nacks an…